What Separates Alamo Home Source From Other Owner Finance Opportunities?


1.   Licensing: Alamo Home Source is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm as well as a bonded loan servicing company. There is also an on-staff licensed Mortgage Loan Originator to serve our clients.


2.   Proper deed recording and disclosures: Alamo Home Source takes pride in giving you the peace of mind that all of the legal paperwork is prepared by professionals and that the deed is recorded at the court house.


3.   No short term balloon payments: Many people offer so called owner financing and have a balloon payment due in 12-36 months. Alamo Home Source mortgages have no balloon payments which allows you ample time to pay off the home or get traditional financing.


4.   Fixed interest rates: Alamo Home Source offers fixed rates only. The principle and interest portion of the monthly payment will never increase.


5.   No pre-payment penalties: You can pay off then loan or refinance the loan at any time without a penalty.


6.   Serving our Community: We strive to help our community by providing financing opportunities not available from traditional banks and True owner financing not offered by our competitors.



Mission Statement

"Alamo Home Source strives to be the best in the industry at providing financing opportunities for the hard working families of our community."


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